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Stringent Controls

Polyphase Engineered Controls is a CSA and UL certified shop which can manufacture equipment and panels to meet a variety of codes and industrial standards.

Generation of electrical drawings, repairs, technical support, product evaluation, extended warranties, inventory management and a commitment to continuous improvement are just some of the value-added services available to our customers.

Generation of Layout and Electrical Drawings

Central to our manufacturing systems are our CAD facilities. We can accept your panel designs and information in various media, by e-mail or through electronic transfer. We can work directly from CAD files, text files, spreadsheets and databases.

Our personnel can provide detailed layouts for panels or timely updates to your drawings. If required, we can also generate electrical drawings for your project from database information.

Custom Wire Markers & Tags for On-Site Installation

Preparing cable and wire markers in advance can significantly reduce costs for on-site installations and ensure both quality and accuracy. Tag and wire numbers files can be downloaded directly to our computerized wire labeling and lamacoid cutting machines. Kits of markers and tags can be assembled on a panel by panel basis to simplify on-site coordination. A wide variety of marking systems are available:

  • Thermal-printed, heat-shrink wire markers
  • Lamacoids up to 2′ x 4′
  • Laser etched stainless steel tags


Polyphase can provide warranty and non-warranty service for its workmanship and equipment, and through its vendors and partners, warranty and non-warranty service for equipment provided.

Technical Support

Polyphase can provide technical support from its available technicians and with the necessary manufacturers when solutions require their technical expertise. In addition, Polyphase has available facilities for the buyer to inspect, test and commission equipment prior to shipment to site.

Product Evaluations

Where required and applicable, Polyphase can provide or make arrangements to obtain products for a 30-day evaluation at no charge or obligation to buy where the product has been specified for equipment within Polyphase’s scope of work and is not free-issue material.

Extended Warranties

Polyphase can provide extended warranties for its workmanship and equipment, and through its vendors, extended warranties for equipment provided; to the extent where the equipment is installed, operated and maintained within the requirements for the standard warranties of the equipment.

Continuous Improvement

Polyphase will work with our customers and their teams on continuous improvements goals and objectives where required including the monitoring and improvements of performance. In addition, Polyphase will bring to the team’s attention opportunities for improvement related to equipment within our scope of work, whether in cost, functionality, and breakthrough ideas/alternatives.

Inventory Management

Where practical and relevant, Polyphase is willing to consider taking over management and ownership of inventory related to its scope of work. In addition, Polyphase is prepared to work through its vendor’s to have them consider and/or provide management and ownership of inventory where practical and relevant.